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On managing stress & finding balance

I’ve been very honest with my mental health journey and how I struggle with my ups & downs. My priority this year has been finding a healthy balance in my life & learning to manage stress better.Today I want to share I will be sharing 5 stress management tips that has helped improve my life.

1. Starting my day with a calming routine.

I notice a huge difference in my day when I make time for myself in the morning. The extra 15-30 mins of ‘me time’ set the tone for my day. Sometimes I spend it meditating, doing my morning skin care routine or just sipping on my tea while setting my intentions for the day. I know that if I start my day off in the rush, I will spend the whole day feeling anxious. So before I go to bed every night, I make sure to set my alarm!

2. Natural supplements that helps w managing stress.

When I used to think of supplements, my mind goes straight to hair & nail supplement but after doing some researching on the market I realized that there are natural supplements out there that can help with stress management. The Ultra Strength Goodbye Stress® Softgels by OLLY is one I’ve been taking.This is a supplement that has a blend of natural ingredients that helps me stay calm, cool and collected while still keeping you alert and focused. It’s not a medication but a supplement. The OLLY ultra Strength Goodbye Stress® Softgels contains ingredients like ashwagandha, gaba, l-theanine & lemon balm. It works about 30 mins after taking it and it doesn’t make me sleepy which is important for me.

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3. Doing a mental / mood check in & journalling

There are so many benefits to journaling. It can help release stress, increase your self awareness, boost your mood, clear your minds, help you make better decisions and so much more. If you’re unsure of how to start journaling, there are lots of journal books on the market with prompts that can help you start on your journalling journey!

4. Spending time in nature.

Spending time in nature is so healing. If I can’t make it to the beach or go a hike, a short walk around the neighborhood does the trick for me too.Whenever I feel mentally stuck or uninspired a few hour in nature is a great reset for my mental space!

5. Finding out your triggers.

Finding out my triggers was so helpful for me. I know that when I am rushed I get overwhelmed and when I’m overwhelmed it’s hard for me to be productive and it just a cycle that repeats itself. So I started making sure that I allocated extra buffer time in between my appointments.An extra 20 mins can go a long way!You know what they say, being early is better than being late!

I hope this was helpful!

Isabel xx

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