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My New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year guys, I think we can all agree that 2020 felt like the longest but also shortest year at the same time? Anyone else didn’t get a dog, engaged or pregnant last year either? What I did do was grow so so much as a person! I left behind all that doesn’t serve my highest good. I’m getting rid of negative thought patterns, habits and behaviors. If you’re feeling unsure about yourself this is your sign that you are capable, you are strong, you are so beautiful and everything you want will happen in time. I spent the year pretty much alone and that gave me a lot of time to think and reflect. What I really took away from last year is the importance of health, mental, emotional and physical because when you feel good inside it shows on the outside. So that brings my New Year’s Resolutions here are 5 of mine and maybe it’ll inspire you to set your own!

1. Having to be specific about what I want from others(don’t assume they know what you’re thinking).

This is one of those things that’s so easy in theory but actually hard to do. With everyone working from home and social distancing, the way we connect with each other has drastically changed. Don’t you think life would be so much easier if people just told you exactly what they needed instead of assuming that you know what’s on their mind? By learning to be specific about what I need in a work, social or romantic capacity I believe that it’ll help me build stronger relationships, avoid miscommunication and increase my emotional health.

2. Getting better at setting boundaries(saying no when I need to)

Healthy boundaries support and protect your emotional well-being, time and energy, it's a way you can show love and respect to yourself. When people over step them, it's up to you to enforce it! An example of it would be if someone upsets you, instead of saying ‘ It’s doesn’t matter, it’s fine’ say ‘I don't think that was fine, I felt hurt by your behavior’ or when someone comments on your physical appear(first of all it’s non of their business and they should mind their own business) instead of saying ’Yeah I gained a few pounds, I know I need to loss it’ tell them ‘It’s not okay that you’re commenting on my weight, I’d like you to stop’.

3. Building a morning routine(having a routine helps build good habits!)

I love my morning routine, I always feel that if I start my morning strong I'll have a productive day. In the last few weeks I’ve started listening to podcasts (The Michelle Obama podcast, More Than One Thing w Athena Calderone, Dare to Lead with Brene Brown are some great ones). I’ll do a light morning stretch while setting my intentions for the day. Have a big glass of water with a squeeze of lemon along with some OLLY Ultra Hair Softgels. This year I really want a thick, shiny head of hair so I'm really good about keeping up with my supplements and this is filled with biotin, keratin, silicon copper, vitamin D, B12 and folic acid all essential in promoting healthy hair growth! Oh and it’s also sugar free for those who are watching their sugar intake.

4. Start journaling!

Growing up I was never successful at keeping a journal or diary(every diary I started probably had 10 entries before I gave up) This year I got a guided journal as a gift, it works as a safe space that provides a place to note feelings of gratitude and moments of mindfulness so I’m going to challenge myself to keep at it this time. I highly recommend checking out the Moon List Journal by Leigh Patterson & ‘The Happiness Planner’.

5. Being mindful of my inner talk.

The way we speak to ourselves matters! We were always taught to be kind to everyone around us but why is it that we weren’t taught to be nicer to ourselves? I’m definitely guilty of telling myself that I’m not enough sometimes but I’m learning I need to be my biggest supporter(does that make sense lol). It’s okay that I don’t have everything together, I’m not perfect, but I’m growing every day and I’m going to make mistakes. Next time you catch yourself doing negative self talk, remember to treat yourself kindly when your emotions are beating up your brain, because you are important and special and loved even when your brain tells you you’re not!

Well this sums up my New Year’s Resolution, I hope you found them using. And if you’d like to read more about the OLLY Ultra Softgels and join me on my wellness journey to achieving happiness inside and out, check out!

This blog post is sponsored by OLLY Nutrition. All experiences and opinions are my own.

Isabel xx

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