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Nike Vapormax ID- Design you own Nike shoes

If you know me you know that I’m a sneaker kinda girl, I’m all about rocking a dress with a pair of killer sneakers. And what’s better than a pair of sneakers? A pair of personalised sneakers of course! On March 26 I went onto Nike’s website to get my hands on a pair of Vapormax iD. The NIKEiD feature allows you to start with a blank canvas. Using this feature you’ll be able to choose your materials, customise your colours and make it personal.

I went with black as the main colour for the sneakers because i figured most of my clothes are black anyway. However for the sole I went with a bright green to give it a pop of colour. There are also other colors available for selection via NIKEiD.

Other shoe designs like the Air Max, Roshe and Air Huarache just to name a few are also available for customisation on NIKEiD. Try it out for yourself on Nike now.


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