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How To: Caring For Your Hair In Summer


It’s my favorite season of the year again! With so much to do and so many places to be, I love that my summers are of seas, shores and sunshine. In my free time, you can always find me by the beach (or pool) soaking up some sun.

If you enjoy the outdoors, you would know the importance of protecting your skin from the sun.

But did you know that your hair needs protection too?

Here are 4 steps I take to ensure my hair stays healthy:

1. Condition before jumping in

I always wet my hair and coat it with a layer of conditioner before getting into the water. This simple step protects my hair by reducing the amount of salt water, or chlorine, my hair strands absorb.

2. Hydrate frequently

Chlorine strips your hair of moisture, so it is important to ensure your hair stays hydrated. Coco & Eve’s hair masque deeply conditions and helps replenish the lost moisture in my hair. I like that this masque works for all hair types, I usually share it with my friends for a quick 10-minute pampering before we head out.

3. Moisturize, not grease

A common mistake when moisturizing hair is slapping on just any oil. Different oils complement different scalp and hair types. I personally like products containing argan oil, which is so rich that I only need to apply a small amount daily. Coco & Eve's unique hair masque formula keeps my hair moisturized from root to tip, yet does not grease it; Maintaining volume in my locks.

4. Opt for simple summer hairstyles

Sometimes, less is more. With the environment doing a number on my hair, I try to avoid heat-based styling as much as I can. Looking good can be simple too. Try a messy bun or a loose braid the next time you head out. Spending lesser time getting ready also frees up more time for the outdoors ;)

Packing for my summer getaway is much easier now with the Coco & Eve hair masque that packs all the essential benefits in one cute tub. Fusing argan oil with shea butter, coconuts and fig- my hair looks, and smells, ready for summer.

P.s. All Coco & Eve products are gluten free, vegan, and PETA-approved.

Visit Coco & Eve to find out more!

I hope you find this useful and have an amazing summer vacation xx

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