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New year, better me.

When I first looked at back 2017 it felt like there was a lot of downs and negativity that was followed by a wave of anxiety and questions like ' Have I done enough? ' So I started making a list, a list of the things that I'm grateful for. I'm grateful for my health, that I'm able to walk and breathe- something so important yet we often take for granted. I'm grateful for being able to get my first apartment and living alone last year, grateful for my adorable dog and the list went on.

We live in a world where we feel so pressured to be constantly doing something great.

Every time I scroll through my feed, I see someone in a different country doing something different and it made me think that maybe I wasn't doing enough? Then I read somewhere that being happy is a personal thing and it really has nothing to do with anyone else. That made a lot of sense. So this year instead of doing the cliché ' 'I want to travel more' New Year's resolution I'm going to focus on the little things that will impact my daily life.

1. Drink more water.

2. Create less waste.

3. Meditate every morning.

4. Read more and spend lesser time watching TV.

5. Don't skip meals.

I don't usually get this personal but I thought that this might be helpful in some ways if you were feeling some sort of anxiety in the New year. Lastly, Happy New Year!

Isabel xx

Photos by my beautiful friend Azusa!

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