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How to style sneakers with dresses

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I wear sneakers ALOT. From going to the gym to running errands in the day or even to a dressy dinner at night you’ll be able to catch me in my Superga sneakers. Superga has a wide range of sneaker designs. Their product lines plays with varies of fabrics, from leather to denim to velvet.

1. Athletic

These are not the shoes made for running on the treadmills but there are super cute for when you're heading to pilates or yoga classes. I recently got my hands on a pair of velcro ones, yes velcro. Think full leather in black rather than what you wore when you were five, and hey they are quick to slide back on when you’re rushing back to your 3 o’clock meeting.

2. Casual day dresses.

The safe bet is a pair of crisp white sneakers, or mix it up and match it to the color of your dress!

3. Classic denim

You got to love the off duty classic denim and sneakers combo. It’s effortless and hard to go wrong with. I like to play it up with textured sneakers to make it a little more interesting. Embossed leather, metalic, embroidery or satin? Count me in.

4. Dresses- give your feet a break.

Leave your 3 inch heels in the closet and rock a pair of glamorous sparkly sneakers instead. You’re gonna be comfortable throughout the night and be able dance night long! Yes they come in velvet or glitter finish too!

Challenge yourself and style your outfit with a pair of sneakers!

Superga's largest store in Singapore will be opening on 6th of October at Westgate #02-41 housing their entire collection with 5 new designs exclusive to Westgate. Alternatively you could click on the link below to shop this post.


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