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I started my Monday with a flower run to the market just down the road from my apartment. I've moved here about eight months ago( was probably only around for five) and I'm starting get more familiar with the area, finding it's hidden gems like this corner of the nursery where they sold all sorts of plants from this giant potted one to cute little succulents. I've currently got my eyes on a banana plant(they are huge!) that would be perfect for the balcony but first I got to figure out a way to carry it all 40kg of it back haha.

In other news, my Coordinates Collection bracelet finally arrived! I ordered it about a month ago, it takes 21 days for it to be made because it's completely customized for you. On the website you're able to select the finish, location of your coordinates, stone and engraving. I picked Singapore and had my birthday engraved on it so I'll always have a piece of home with me wherever I go. Design your own bracelet with 15% off by using my discount code ISABELTAN15 at the checkout.

Outfit: Blouse by Stelly, Skirt by Nikkie(sold out but I found some alternative) Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3


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