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Isabel Tan, Prettyfrowns, is one of the Beauty, Fashion and Travel digital influencers in Singapore. She is a model, vlogger, a photojournalist with a strong focus on leisurewear, travel and lifestyle. Fresh, fun and classy, she captures daily outfits in unique styling outfits and different aesthetic locations. Isabel explores her love of fashion, beauty, photography adventure and friendships through lens.

Isabel has works with many local and international brands such as Netflix, Sephora, Dyson, Calvin Klein, Kenzo to name a few and is regularly asked to feature in leading magazines and digital platforms such as, Harpers Bazaar, Buro247, L'official, Cleo, Esquire.


She is best known on social media for her effortlessly aesthetic visuals and her friendly accessible vibe. Isabel is passionate about providing a positive message regarding body image and empowerment for young women. She firmly believes that beauty can be found everywhere and in everyone.


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